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Introducing the International Association of Women (IAW) 

Community. Connections. Support.

Welcome to the International Association of Women, a thriving community dedicated to empowering and elevating women worldwide. We believe in the transformative power of connections, education, and support, and our mission is to provide a platform where women can flourish both personally and professionally.

At the International Association of Women, we understand that the journey to success can be challenging, but it becomes more manageable when we come together as a united force. Whether you are an ambitious professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth, our diverse and inclusive network is here to help you thrive.

By becoming a part of our vibrant community, you gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and educational programs designed to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizons. Imagine connecting with like-minded women from various industries, sharing knowledge, experiences, and strategies that drive growth and innovation. We believe in uplifting one another, and through our collective efforts, we can break barriers and shatter ceilings.

Our association is more than just a network; it's a sisterhood, a support system that cheers you on and celebrates your successes. We understand that achieving your goals is not a solo endeavor, and with the International Association of Women by your side, you'll find the strength, inspiration, and encouragement to conquer new heights.

Our Team Is Your Team!

At the heart of the International Association of Women lies a dedicated and experienced leadership team that has been the driving force behind our organization's success for nearly a decade. Committed to the advancement and prosperity of women worldwide, our esteemed leaders bring a wealth of expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication to the table.

With years of service to the International Association of Women, our team members have cultivated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities women face in various spheres of life. Their extensive experience allows them to curate a rich array of resources, programs, and initiatives that cater to the diverse needs of our members, ensuring that every woman finds the support she requires to achieve her goals.

As champions of empowerment and inclusivity, our leadership team is devoted to fostering an environment where women feel encouraged to voice their ideas, share their stories, and grow both personally and professionally. They firmly believe in the power of collaboration and firmly stand by the principle that when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Our leaders are not only mentors and advisors but also passionate advocates who are determined to break down barriers and create a level playing field for women from all walks of life. Their unwavering commitment to the vision of the International Association of Women has been instrumental in making us a dynamic and thriving community that continues to impact the lives of countless women.

As you embark on your journey with us, rest assured that you will be guided and inspired by a leadership team that truly believes in your potential and is devoted to seeing you succeed. Together, we will rewrite the narrative for women worldwide, empowering one another and fostering a legacy of excellence. Welcome to the International Association of Women, where the spirit of sisterhood and empowerment flourishes under the compassionate guidance of our exceptional leadership team.

President | Megan Bozzuto
Director of Membership Experience | Katie Perry
Influencer Experience Manager | Marie Bartolotti
Member Services Manager | Tracy Collins
Membership Consultant | Patricia Tufano
Digital Marketing Specialist | Annalise Nassani

IAW Career Center

As a part of our unwavering commitment to empowering women in every aspect of their lives, we are thrilled to introduce the IAW Career Center—a transformative platform that serves as a bridge between exceptional women and forward-thinking companies seeking to build diverse and inclusive teams. In partnership with Professional Diversity Network, we have curated an exclusive space where women can explore exciting career opportunities, access valuable resources, and connect with organizations that recognize and value the unique perspectives women bring to the table.

At the IAW Career Center, we understand that a diverse workforce is not only essential for fostering innovation but also crucial for creating a more equitable and dynamic professional landscape. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a recent graduate, or someone exploring new career horizons, our platform is designed to match your skills, aspirations, and potential with companies that share our vision of progress and equality. Embracing the power of diversity, we believe that by helping women secure positions where their voices are heard and talents are celebrated, we contribute to a more inclusive world that thrives on the collective strengths of all its members.

Through our collaboration with Professional Diversity Network, we are committed to providing you with unparalleled support throughout your career journey. From resume optimization and interview preparation to networking opportunities and ongoing career development resources, the IAW Career Center is your trusted ally, dedicated to ensuring you navigate your professional path with confidence and success. Take the first step towards realizing your full potential and making your mark in the corporate world by joining us at the IAW Career Center today. Together, we will drive change, break barriers, and create a brighter future where diversity is not just acknowledged, but celebrated as the cornerstone of progress.

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