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I am a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician for 15+ years. I work as an Independent Contractor [Locum Tenens] and travel to different hospital sites across the USA and Caribbean. I am CEO and sole owner of Yvette McQueen MD, PA., CEO of MedQueen, LLC and Chief of Operations / Co-founder of E.Y.C. Medical Consultants, LLC. Additionally, I am a partner owner of Click It Clinic PLLC.

MedQueen LLC provides medical and healthcare consultations and nutritional counseling related to medical disorders [Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Diabetes], health education public speaking, private physician for traveling groups, tours, and missions, private physician for corporate executives and CPR teaching [Adult & Children] for new parents, families & churches.

E.Y.C. Medical Consultants LLC has a mission to educate and promote healthy living; consulting to provide an excellence of care. It provides services such as Health Education Seminars [community, churches, schools, organizations], Diabetes Education, Medical Consultations [individual, small groups, large groups, organizations, governmental agencies], Community Health Program Management, Public Speaking [topics for children, adults and families, Health and Medical Program Development.

Click It Clinic PLLC is a 100% physician owned telemedicine company providing comprehensive health care without the hassle of waiting in a doctors office! The visits are virtual and from the comfort of your own home!

I am the mission team physician for the Mandarin to Malawi annual mission trip with the First Baptist Church of Mandarin. I am a volunteer & CPR trainer for the American Heart Association, cardiac life support training through the International AHA in Tanzania & Rwanda and participant in international medical missions. I am an Event Planner and fiction writer [unpublished].

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