Yolanda M. Powell

Trucking Dept-FedEx /Online Home Based Business Owner

About Me

First & foremost...I'm a daughter, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, god-mom, aunt, & friend. I finally Graduated to the 40/40 Club in 2015, lol. No impressive resume, no College/University Degrees to speak of or abbreviations after my name. I live a simple life, lifelong Philadelphian, Divorced, single/no kids, enjoy traveling, listening to music, being around family/friends, having a glass or 2 of wine & just doing Me! I've been working in the Trucking Division of FedEx for over 17.5yrs, employed with the company 20yrs & I run 2 of 3 Online Home Based Businesses on a PT basis....(I am Most Proud of the Financial Education Program through MyEcon which offers several AWESOME Services)
A few things on My Bucket List:
Travel the World
Attend the Olympics
Retire Myself from the Rat Race by 52
Fund my 3 neices College expenses
Buy a motorcycle or Can-Am
Take a culinary, photography & massage therapy course
Own several rental properties
Read more....Self Development
Live, Love & Laugh More

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