Willeke Wendrich

Center for Digital Humanities at UCLA | Director

About Me

My name is Willeke Wendrich. My skills and areas of expertise include 2 Years. I am currently involved with ARCE SAA. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Board Chair Non-Profit Institute for Field Research.

2012 – present Editorial Director Cotsen Instititute of Archaeology Press

2009 – present Professor Egyptian Archaeology Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA. Member of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. Core Faculty member of the Interdepartmental Graduate Program Archaeology at UCLA.

2008 – 2012 Co-director of the Keck Digital Cultural Mapping Program at UCLA

2005 – present Editor-in-Chief of the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology (UEE)

2005 – 2008 Faculty Director of the UCLA Digital Humanities Incubator Group (UDHIG)

2004 – 2009 Associate Professor Egyptian Archaeology at the Dept.of NELC at UCLA

2003 – present Co-director of the excavations in the Fayum (Egypt), with René Cappers (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Leiden University).

2000 - 2004 Assistant Professor Egyptian Archaeology Dept. of NELC at UCLA.

2000 - 2003 Post-doctoral fellowship Department of Archaeology at Leiden University, the Netherlands.

1996 - 2000 Project leader of the Eastern Desert Antiquities Protection Project (EDAPP), preservation of archaeological remains in the Eastern Desert of Egypt and the cultural heritage of the Ababda nomads.

1999 Team leader of an expert research project on the feasibility of the development of eco-tourism in the Fayum (Egypt). Consultancy through North South Consultancy Exchange

1998 Director of the Baynun Mapping Project (Yemen)

1995 - 1999 Assistant professor of Egyptian archaeology at Leiden University, stationed at the Netherlands Institute for Archaeology and Arabic Studies in Cairo (Egypt)

1994 - 2002 Co-director of the excavations at Berenike (Egyptian Red-Sea coast).

1993 - 2004 Research fellow of the Department of Egyptology, Leiden University (the Netherlands)

1992-1996 Free-lance course leader Egyptology for the Leiden Institute for Cultural Studies

1986 Educational coordinator at the Theological Institute of the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

2003 – present Co-director of the UCLA – Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - University of Auckland survey and excavation project in the Fayum, with R.T.J. Cappers and S.J. Holdaway.

2005 Study of Qasr Ibrim material, project of the Egypt Exploration Society, directed by Dr. Pamela Rose. Participation in Giza Plateau Mapping Project, directed by Dr. M. Lehner.

1994 – 2001 Co-direction of the excavations at Berenike (Egyptian Red Sea coast), with Dr. S.E. Sidebotham.

2000 Participaton in Çatal Höyük excavation project (Turkey), Cambridge University / Stanford University, directed by Dr. I. Hodder

1999 – 2000 Participation in Elephantine Project (German Archaeological Institute and Swiss Institute for Architecture and Archaeology, directed by Dr. Dietrich Raue and Dr. Cornelius Von Pilgrim).

1999 Participation in Hierakonpolis Project (directed by Dr. R. Friedman)

1998 Director of the Baynun Mapping Project (Yemen)

1990 – 1993 Expedition to Abu Sha'ar (excavations of the University of Delaware, USA, directed by Dr. S.E. Sidebotham).

1990, 1992 Expedition to Qasr Ibrim, (excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society, directed by Dr.M.C. Horton).

1987, 1989, 1992 Expedition to Tell el-'Amarna (excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society, directed by B.J. Kemp).

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