Vivian Wilson, CRC

About Me

Founded by Vivian Wilson, CRC, Recovery Lifestyle LLC is a professional recovery coaching services company, specializing in private and highly personalized lifestyle coaching for individuals in various stages of recovery. In addition to one-on-one coaching services, we provide 24/7 companion services as well as intervention, relapse prevention, relapse recovery, family coaching and treatment center referral services.

A Los Angeles native, Vivian is a Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coach with a background in coaching in the treatment center environment as well as for private clients. She is an advocate for women struggling with chemical dependency and is active in the recovery community.

Relying on her personal and professional experience with addiction, Vivian walks her clients, “hand-in-hand”, through the coaching process providing non-judgmental support and motivation to help them become their “highest-self” in recovery. Her “never give up” attitude clearly demonstrates belief in her personal mantra: “Change is Possible & Hope is Real!”

Vivian is the Mother of two adult children and in her “previous life” a Corporate COO. She is a UCLA Alumni and received her Coaching Certifications from FIA (Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching) with an emphasis on the Neuroscience of Addiction, Cognitive Behavior, Change Motivation and Relapse Recovery.

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