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I am someone who quietly builds heartfelt relationships just for the pure joy of seeing others shine. I truly believe that happier people with more dollars in their pockets are factors leading to a stronger community. If you think this is some sort of polished hype, then you need to hear 'The Story!' and consider how my skills can benefit you!

Here is 'The Story' -

In first grade, my teacher ordered me to sit in the back of the room with a rambunctious boy. There are other descriptive words which could be chosen here, but "rambunctious" should give you the general picture. Initially I was annoyed when I was chosen to sit next to "him" but I quickly realized that the influences of power and communication could turn a bad situation into an opportunity to impact my world and the 15 students in it.

My teachers learned quickly, and I became their "go-to" girl!

Over the years, I developed strong leadership and communication skills and would go on to generate business deals, save marriages, lower stress, build communities and quell the negative self-talk. My history includes several years in human resources and even owning my own businesses - including network marketing - but my history never shows my ability to dig in, find solutions and move everyone forward.

It isn't always obvious to a business owner or an individual, how communication can impact profits, debt, and savings but everyone will agree that miscommunication has a negative impact all of the time. As an author, speaker and personal coach, I wish more people would spend more time learning how to communicate rather than glossing over miscommunication issues.

I love working with individuals in a struggle, as much as I love helping a company manage change and grow into their own wings in order to fly on to greater things.

Yea, yea, yea, why should you care? Maybe you would like to know how client after client can say "She is a wealth of knowledge" or "She sees the world differently" or "A simple tweak in how we do things lowered stress and conflict."

What can I do for you?

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