Victoria Vojdani

Owner of Universal Healing LLC

About Me

My name is Victoria Vojdani, (Certified) My skills and areas of expertise include whole body healing, reconnective healing practitioner (certified), client relationship building, innovative ideas & implementation, vibrational state of healing, invigoration and motivational leadership. certified practitioner for both human beings and animals. My professional title is owner / reconnective healing practitioner at Universal Healing, llc, which specializes in Physical, Emotional & Mental Healing. I am currently involved with "Holistic Hawaii". I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as many Animal Associations.

My clients have reported many amazing types of healings to me after our session(s).
A woman in her 70'S, after first session started sleeping 8 hours a night when before didn't sleep well. She said she felt young again. More energy, knees didn't hurt anymore.
After her second session she noticed that the peripheral neuropathy in her toes that she had suffered with for over 20 yrs. was gone.

A 3 yr. old little girl suffering from at least 2 large seizures a day and dozens of small seizures, was tested after her first session with me. The test did not show any seizure activity. The doctors took her off of 2 of the 3 seizure drugs she was on. Also, she for the first time started sleeping through the night and stopped wearing diapers.

An elderly woman had blood clots in both legs. She was in home hospice with nursing care. Expected to die any moment. When I arrived the nurse said that her legs are not getting any circulation. The client was screaming from the pain. Within the first few minutes into the session, she stopped screaming and fell asleep. When I finished, the nurse came in and looked at and felt her legs. The color had come back and they were warm to the touch.

2 different children both 9 yrs. old one male one female, both with autism. Both of them started talking right after first the session. Something neither would fully do. One was grossly underweight prior to the session because she wouldn't eat. Within a month after that she gained 10 Lbs. and started going to school. She would only sleep on the floor. After the sessions she started sleeping in her bed on her own.

A woman in the hospital had days to live, dying from pancreatic cancer. She had a blockage in her intestines. The doctors were able to resolve it, she was getting backed up and couldn't eat. She was in terrible pain. They were going to send her home to die. After her session, what ever the issue was went away and she was able to eat and void and the pain was gone.

A male terminal cancer patient. Supposed to die any day. Doctors couldn't do any more for him. His blood counts were not up to par for anymore chemo. After his first session, they did a blood panel on him and his results were normal. After his second session the tumors started to go away. They decided that he was strong enough for another round of chemo. After his third session the doctors were baffled, because almost all of his tumors were gone.

My sessions have helped people with depression and anxiety as well as rapid healing from surgery. The sessions can help on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. You never know what type of healing you are going to get, but you will definitely get something out of it! Just be open to receive a healing.

I also facilitate healings on animals. Love, love, love to do that. The sessions have helped with not just physical ailments but trauma and behavioral issues.

For people and pets on the Island of Maui, I can give you in person sessions. For all others, I work by remote. I don't have to be with you to help you.

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