Vicki Squires

Griffin Soil Group | Office Manager

About Me

My name is Vicki Squires.

I began cosmetology school while still in high school and began this career during my senior year. I enjoyed this profession but took this avenue to allow me a good income while attending court reporting school.

I was a court reporter for 18 years, working both in the courtroom and as a freelance deposition reporter. This profession involves taking verbatim testimony, transcribing and offering computer real time. Real time was just beginning to be used at the time of my leaving the field due to a medical issue with my hands. I had to retire. During this time I took many continuing education classes in English, legal and medical to help understand the daily terminology you experience when reporting.

While I was waiting to see if I would be able to return to reporting after a couple surgeries I worked in the design field, both working with the builder and homeowner in designing their homes and after the home was completed with the decorating of the interiors

Because my first choice in careers was court reporting I jumped at the chance to become the Executive Director of the State association of deposition reporters when asked if I would be interested. This was an extremely rewarding position working with the amazing boards throughout the years and remain active in the profession. This was a part time position for me and as the association grew and it became apparent there was a need for a full-time ED I retired from the position. This past year I was asked to come back to help the new management team transition, which went very smooth. My skills and expertise required for this position included organization, ability to work with different board of directors, meeting time commitments, negotiating event space and locations; planning, scheduling and executing retreats, one-day seminars and multiple day conventions..

I have been the office manager with a specialty subcontractor for the past 15 years. We have seen this business grow each year I have been with them. The owners of this business continue to look at different avenues of the construction industry to keep at the forefront of the field. We have a stabilization division, native slurry backfill division and a trucking and material division. I oversee all office staff who handles these companies daily. Many of my skills learned throughout my careers have been helpful in this position, but I continue to take classes yearly to learn better ways of handling situations and to keep abreast of the ever-changing laws.

I like to travel, ride my horse, wine tasting, reading, spending time with my family and friends camping and cooking.

I am excited to be a member of NAPW and look forward to becoming more active with this association.

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