Vicki Sowa

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About Me

Hi there! I'm Vicki Sowa, a former middle school teacher turned top performing sales person who is now guiding small business owners and entrepreneurs to identify their personality advantages and how to use their natural skills more effectively to attract more clients/customers and close more sales.

One day when I was at a sparkling wine tasting, I posted on social media and one of the wineries responded with, "You certainly are living your bubbly side of life!"...and it was created, right then and there (after I asked for permission, of course). Those 4 words summed up exactly what how I wanted to live my life and all those around me.

And as much as I tried, I couldn't take the teacher out of me. So I started coaching entrepreneurs on building their business and their mindset and it has evolved into what I am most passionate about: creating and crafting your brand using how others already see you as your advantage to cut out the competition.

One day there will be a Bubbly Side of Life tasting room where we gather together to connect and celebrate and I can't wait to meet you there. Until then, let's chat about how you can use your personal brand to your advantage in your professional world.

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