Vicki Noll

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Writer, Educator

About Me

My name is Vicki Noll. I am a creative writer, a blogger, and a life coach. I write about life, travel, leadership, parenting, and spirituality. As a writer, I can help you create blog posts or web content. Read my blog to see if our styles will get along!

As a Coach, I'm uber-interested in supporting women to get in touch with their authentic power. I am certified in Emotional Intelligence Coaching, but use a number of successful coaching strategies combined with my background in cognitive therapy to create the best coaching experience for each client. My focus is on teaching women a process for building resilience to deal with life challenges. In my experience, this means that brief, short-term coaching commitments can often be as successful as long-term commitments. If this is something you are interested in contact me through e-mail ( or text (614-537-2612).

As a former public school educator with classroom, professional development, and leadership experience, I am available for professional development training in the areas of classroom management, creating vision/mission statements for educators or schools, and coaching/mentoring entry teachers, administrators, school counselors.

I currently live in Westerville, Ohio with a smart husband and a BRILLIANT German Shepherd Puppy, and escape the frigid winter months in Culver City, California. To contact me for coaching, professional development, or writing, e-mail me at or through my website: . I'm also on Facebook and LinkedIn as Vicki Noll.

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