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I am involved in continuing self-education and improvement through reading, networking and community involvement. The promotion of goal-setting and financial awareness to our future generations are the driving forces in my life. Taking world class leadership, business and self-development materials to all individuals, not just to the successful and affluent, is urgent and necessary for a better tomorrow. We can do that by equipping people to live intentionally for excellence, through a personal development system.

Motivational speaking to our youth on the importance of "success thinking" and self-awareness is an on-going endeavor of mine. Financial planning for teens and developing programs for living within our means are messages that benefit everyone. My focus is on continued contribution to a society that is built on personal responsibility, acceptance and understanding, and accountability for our own actions, as a necessity for daily improvement in all areas of life.

I desire to leave a footprint of courage and continue the fight that my late brother Barry "Bear" LaReau started for kids with cancer, as well as kids and young adults who suffer with personal struggles.

Among the talents I seek to share are: leadership & leadership development, self-education and improvement, public speaking and motivation, goal-setting, life coaching, business coaching, image coaching, fitness and wellness, team-building, financial freedom, systematic thinking and power networking.
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