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Valerie has more than 15 years of experience as a sales representative, marketing associate and regional manager selling to the Laboratory, Physician and Research marketplace. In college, Valerie worked full time while maintaining a full course load and participating in a special honors program. She started her career as a medical laboratory technician with an emphasis on microbiology. She returned to school to pursue a degree in Business Management, graduating with honors from the City University of New York. Valerie then embarked on a successful sales and management career. As the regional sales manager for a biotech company in New York, Valerie found herself frustrated with candidate choices that were provided to her by recruiters, so she decided to start her own company that catered specifically to recruiting for the biotech industry, since she was aware of the needs and business conditions within the industry. She started Valerie August and Associates, LLC with just a Rolodex of professional contacts, and since then, her company has grown tremendously. Valerie’s hard-earned experience has provided her with the knowledge required to satisfy the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. Today, Valerie August and Associates puts together entire sales, marketing, and scientific teams for any size company from small start-ups to the world leaders in healthcare.

For the last 14 years, Valerie August and Associates, LLC has been successfully matching potential biotech employees to various companies in the field. Valerie specializes in building sales, management, and science teams for companies in early stages of development. These specific companies require individuals particularly well-suited for the positions, who are comfortable taking on various responsibilities in rapidly changing environments. With small companies such as these, there is no room for error. Her success is therefore dependent on her ability to understand the needs of companies and appropriately identify qualified candidates, a skill which she has effectively cultivated and sustained over the years.
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