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My name is Valerie Arroyo My skills and areas of expertise include community relations, networking, management, liaising with other community groups and connecting with schools. My professional title is director at One Love Community Center, which specializes in empowering youths, families and the elderly through job training, advocacy, literacy and parent education progams. I am studying sociology and human services at Gardner-Webb University. My hobbies and interests include travel, dancing, swimming, shopping and spending time with my grand children. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Operation Legacy, Jacob's Ladder and KIPP Charlotte. I am also a State Certified Notary, in New Hanover County.
My short term goal, is to help re-educate our individuals with realistic short term goals that would allow those individuals to deal with every day situation that affect their life, which would allow themselves to deal with everyday life situations with a purpose for them, not be place in a group into a program that is not assist their life. One Love Community Center deals with families, and individuals whomever needs that someone to FILL-IN the gap, when I was coming up my brothers and I had a Community Gym across the street from our projects. Without that "Mitchell Gym" I am not sure where all of us would be. They filled in, it takes a village to raise a family and sometimes we forget we all need assist at one time in our life and I want to give back . If those individuals who didn't have to give up their time for our neighbor, but they did. I know that I can give what I have to offer to someone who needs a helping hand, if its education, training or just being there to listen. We are here ! Yes, this is a new generation, but I have some individuals from the past generations willing to give whatever they can to make a difference for our Future!
My long term goal is try to take my center or my different programs that I offer to utilized Nationally, I would like to network and partnership with other local community center to provide them with an opportunity to work together to empower their individuals . I would like to also address the homelessness for so many young adults, who have processed out of our legal systems and try to get them back into society and productive individuals.

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