Tyesha Cusack BSN

About Me

My name is Tyesha Cusack Bsn My skills and areas of expertise include 15 years in healthcare which began in the military. I served our country as a Medic in the US Air Force Reserves which inspired my career and my non-profit initiative. Although I love nursing and health care, I am currently involved in fund raising, grant writing, and a vast volunteer search program. I choose the napw and its members as partners in my mission. It is because of my experience in healthcare that I am all too aware of the shortage of medical professionals and the millions who need services. My professional title is vice president at Community Healthcare Empowerment Program, which specializes in increased access to health education and services to our local community. We are planning Health Fairs and Mobile Lab Events with the help of our local nurses, doctors, and medical professionals including administrative executives pro. I received my bachelor's degree in nursing from Holy Family University. I am planning to obtain my nursing license in other states beyond Pennsylvania. My hobbies and interests include writing and poetry, and creating community healthcare access and patient empowerment through health education and explanation of benefits available in our community.

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