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My name is Trupti B. Gokani. I am an Integrative Neurologist who began practicing in 2002. My areas of expertise include Headaches, Mood issues, Digestive imbalances, Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal links to mind- body health. I am passionate to finding the causes of disease, especially Migraines. I have done advanced certification in Psychopharmacology and Ayurvedic medicine. My professional title is Integrative Neurologist and Medical Director of Zira Mind and Body Center, which specializes in healthcare and located in Glenview. I received my M.D. from University of Illinois. I am currently involved with the American Headache Society and am an active speaker on the integrative approaches to healing head. My hobbies and interests include hiking, spending time in nature, cooking and biking. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as Commit to Change, School of Choice and Pratham.

I was featured on Dr. Oz and discussed the Mind-Body types with him:
The Segment can be viewed here:

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