Tricia Montalbano

About Me

Tricia Montalbano is the Director of Terrace Weekday Programs, better known in the Spring Branch area of Houston, Texas as "Big Little School".

Tricia was a student of the preschool when founded in 1972, by her own mother. Over the years and with her close connection to the host church, Terrace UMC, Tricia has been involved in Big Little School for over 30 years.

Tricia attended the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), graduated in1995 with a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration and a certificate in Long Term Care. Her career began in the healthcare industry, mostly with "end of life" programs and facilities.

When in need of childcare for her own daughter in the late nineties, Tricia would only consider Big Little School. Through God's plan and journey set for Tricia, it was not long before she became an integral part of the school and her career focus became "early life". Tricia became the Director in 2002 and has continued to inspire and move the program into a much sought after school for young children and their education.

When not "at school", Tricia treasures the time with her family, husband and two teenage children, who both went to Big Little School. Being outdoors and enjoying nature are a passion. Tricia also enjoys reading and watching her children play sports.

Tricia is proud to be a part of an industry dominated by women who value young children and education. She values her connections with the many colleagues in the Spring Branch Area and looks forward to meeting new contacts through NAPW.

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