Tracy Taylor

Health & Fashion Consultant

About Me

My name is Tracy C. Taylor-Davis. My professional title is Consultant at Traci Lynn Jewelry, which specializes in selling high-quality, affordable fashion jewelry, purses and shawls through hosting Parties. This company has been on the scene since 1989, created by Dr. Traci Lynn.
I am also a health and wellness distributor, with Total Life Changes. We have the best detox tea in the industry, with over 20 health benefits from 10 natural ingredients and our products are fast acting with lasting results.
My skill sets include effective communication, team building, conflict resolution, massage therapy, energy works, recovery coaching, sales and marketing. Event planning, facilitation and community building. I am currently refreshing my skills in presenting concepts with strategies that will improve the effectiveness of a team in reaching set benchmarks for a company. I have worked in public and private arenas, to enhance the outcome of a product or service.

I love to spend time with my children and grand children, extended family and friends. I also support international and national organizations that serve others less fortunate, I love supporting my local church. My hobbies and interests include traveling, reading, exercising, weight training, dancing and walking.

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