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About Me

My name is Tina D. Hays. I have owned a successful professional cleaning service for several years: Immaculate Sisters Cleaning Service. My cleaning service is focused on commercial cleaning for general contractors with new builds and remodeled homes.

Most recently, I have earned my Master Reiki Practitioner certification. And, I am currently establishing a physical and spiritual healing business for all people who want to experience wellness and balance in their lives. My passion and strength is educating people about the power of the mind-body connection. We are all entitled to a life of abundance, wellness, and joy. And, my skills focus on coaching and teaching clients with the help of various spiritual healing modalities in conjunction with acupressure and massage to unlock the hidden emotional and physical traumas that stop us from living our best life. I teach people how to tap into a deeper understanding of emotional wellness and how your thoughts and emotions affect your physical wellness as well as the state of your life/relationships/ finances, etc.

My professional expertise extends into the areas of public speaking,customer service, business development and business operations.

In addition, I am passionate about offering my services and my time to charitable organizations such as Rafael House and New Avenues for Youth--organizations that provide encouragement, mentorship and resources for at-risk youth .

My hobbies and interests include hiking, biking, spiritual meditation and research.

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