Tina Cantrill

Oxford & French Consulting Group Ltd | Keynote Speaking | Training & Development | President

About Me

The purpose of my company is to create unprecedented employee engagement to deliver extraordinary and sustainable performance of individual contributors, and the organization as a whole.

Using emerging trends, scientific data and real-life, hard-core experience, I build and deliver specifically tailored presentations and programs which engage and inspire leaders at all levels to embrace change, take action, lead with passion, and deliver sustainable performance. I deliver keynotes and in-classroom training with a combination of energy, passion and audience interaction and participation.

Specializing in Sustainable Employee Engagement through Purpose-centred leadership, Organizational Alignment and the development and management of Organizational Culture, I help organizations drive sustainable performance by creating an environment which encourages and nurtures it.

My passion and intense focus come from close to a decade of executive leadership experience with several Fortune 500 healthcare companies where I experienced, first-hand, the power of creating an environment conducive to building and sustaining extraordinary performance. Fascinated by the power of purpose, alignment and culture, I focused my MBA thesis on organizational culture and its effect in driving long-term economic performance.

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