Tiffany Lee

Spot the lies, find the truth, and lead like the ROCKSTAR you were born to be!

About Me

Hi I’m Tiffany!

Tiffany Lee is the creator of the The TruthTeller's Confident Executive Mentorship Program™ ft. the Lead Like a Rockstar Blueprint™. Tiffany teaches successful women and men just like you, from all over the world, who are tired of not feeling confident as leaders, tired of feeling disconnected from their own teams, and shows you step by step how to gain the trust of colleagues, master difficult situations, decrease employee turnover, and lead like the rockstar you really are! Tiffany is also a Senior Body Language Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, VA. She is a multifaceted communications expert drawing from traditional studies and life experiences. Her mission is to help you communicate effectively & understand what others are saying to you both verbally & non-verbally. Tiffany is a Lupus survivor, powerlifter, and THE expert to help you spot the liars, take control of your life & have a winning career. She's even been an expert on Marriage Bootcamp!

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