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Theresa Woodard is an Internal Medicine Physician with a passion for and preventative medicine strategies and diseases involving the endocrine system. Dr. Woodard has had many years of working with a diverse group of patients, from the privately insured to the indigent and third world mission patient. As a physician, Dr. Woodard strives to continue to use all resources available to her in a given community, for the betterment of a person's health and well-being. Dr. Woodard's passion lies at the core of preventive medicine and she is committed to awakening consciousness in the field of health care. She has developed teachings on several common chronic disease topics and also speaks on them in the community. Her mission to improve your health, by educating you on ways to improve your lifestyle.

Hello, my name is Theresa Woodard, M.D. I am a physician, public speaker, educator, and consultant in various healthcare arenas. My passion lies at the core of preventive medicine. I have developed teachings on several common chronic disease topics and also speak on them in the community.

When not sharing medical insights with patients and colleagues, I practice yoga, enjoy various types of music, and travel as much as schedule allows. Currently I reside in Cordova, Tennessee and practice/consult throughout the Greater West Tennessee area. I attended Northwestern University and attained degrees in Biomedical and Chemical Engineering. Before practicing as an Internal Medicine physician for the last decade, I graduated from Louisiana State University Medical Center-New Orleans.

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And welcome to TWMED Consulting, where "Prevention is Paramount"

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