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As owner of Positive Changes Coaching and Training, I teamed up with the #1 Leadership Expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell in 2013. Like my teacher and mentor John, I know that effective leaders must be learners. The best leaders live .... and lead what they learn so they can truly become difference-makers in the world.

I believe that everyone leads, either by choice or by default. To make a positive difference in the world, you must make a conscious choice about how to lead—leading yourself first, and then your organization and community.

My name is Terri C. Babers, M.A., C.P.C., ELI-MP, M.A., CPC, ELI-Master Practitioner. My skills and areas of expertise include Professional Communication, Leadership Coaching, Speaking, Professional and Personal Development, Mediation. My professional title is Coach, Motivational Trainer and Owner at Positive Changes Coaching and Training.

While working on my BA and MA, I was a life coach and a career coach first for the AK Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. That led me to intensive study through Career Coach Institute, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the Via Institute on Character Strengths. I am certified as a Mediator through the Alaska State Court System.

Most recently (and most exciting) I am certified as a Coach and Motivational Teacher with the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

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