Teresa Barnes, RN

Helping Businesses Connect with the Hearing Impaired for Better Compliance & Conservation

About Me

1 in 5 of your customers and employees has hearing loss according to a Johns Hopkins Study in 2011. I've had a hearing loss since birth, however when I was in a life-threatening ski accident it was discovered that there are a lot of unaddressed needs, lack of understanding, and now a 2010 ADA law that covers those that have medical prosthetic hearing devices like hearing aids as hearing loss is a disability.

I founded HearCommunication an educational company in Carlsbad, California was formed to erase the ignorance. To certify businesses to be hearing friendly for better service for those with hearing loss. Helping increase their revenue as we are a $1.7 million dollar missed market niche; retention of both customers and employees; inclusion; productivity; compliance; better safety; awareness; visibility; to learn hearing friendly skills; and overall improved health for employees. This results in removing the stigma of hearing loss and healthier happier employees that work more productively with less absenteeism.

I am a registered nurse with my last hospital assignment being as an emergency room manager and have 20+ years in various nursing assignments. Currently, I am the founder of HearCommunication and offer consulting, training, keynote speaking and oversee the certification process plus have courses online. Such as Sound Advice: Tune Into Hearing thru and am an author of Sound Advice: Tune Into Listening available on Amazon.

Being a Maverick Leader like John Lennon I would like to see that change that needs to happen in my life-time for those with hearing loss. You can help by scheduling one of my services. Check out and schedule a meeting today.

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