Tatiana Kolesnikov

School Counselor, Owner, Self-Match LLC

About Me

I am a life-long educator and counselor. I love teaching; however, listening and responding to people's needs is what I do best. I feel one of the most unmet needs of many people is the ability to build lasting successful relationships. I deal with children who come from broken homes every day. The percentage of failed relationships in the US is staggering. According to some resources, it is close to 85%.
My interest in people's relationships led me to develop a relationship compatibility app Self-Match ( that I am currently transforming into an innovative dating site.

The interactive dating model I'm developing with Pop-a-Question feature is fun and addictive because it involves a gaming approach with an element of randomness. At the same time, it promotes a serious agenda of exploring compatibility between potential partners.

Self-Match is destined to succeed if my creativity and psychological insight are paired up with the right dose of business knowledge and financial resources. I'm looking for a business partner who will embrace Self-Match brand as her own. Together we will build a product that will be loved by millions looking for love.

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