Tanya Brown Gatlin

Education Consultant/Freelance Curriculum Writer/Specialist at TBG Academic Consulting and Administrator & Facilitator at Our University Private Home-School

About Me

I am first and foremost a mother to my four wonderful children for the last 22 years, and I have home-schooled them from Kindergarten to College. I've learned through my 18 plus years of experience with facilitating learning and working with many children-- my ultimate goal and challenge is to facilitate and support independent, constant learning, and strong self development. I provide and am a STRONG supporter of alternative education arenas--ultimately I believe in a Freedom in Learning. I believe traditional/compulsory education perspectives need an objective change in direction, and student autonomy and focus should come first in that challenge. I wear many "hats" in my personal journey of self development and professional endeavors, and I always look forward to any challenge that will enhance that factor.

TBG Academic Consulting
Spring, TX
I am an education consultant (alternative arenas as well as compulsory) and curriculum writer with over 18 years of education experience and study. Over the years I have facilitated learning and written varied and alternative academic curricula for a multitude of units of K-12 study--including thematic approaches. I have also consulted with a wide variety of parents, compulsory-school teachers, and academic groups in an effort to facilitate and increase learning through an individualized/specialized curriculum approach. My private home-school has garnered a 100% graduation rate, and my learners have so far been highly successful in their college endeavors. Working with local schools, I have successfully helped learners "get off" the No Child Left Behind list, and helped more make a successful leap to the next grade through summer in-home math and reading programs. My primary goal of learning and curriculum writing is to expose my learners to experiences (academic and beyond) that will guarantee life-long and constant learning and improvements in self-development.

Along with my home-school, I am an education consultant and freelance curriculum writer providing education and training in a wide array of K-12 subject arenas and various learning needs. Moreover, I provide curriculum writing services as well as the design and writing of specialized learning units for public and private sector academic organizations--including community agencies, individuals, teachers, and businesses. I have also written and copyrighted an original STEAM robotics learning unit that is geared to attract more female students to robotics. My most recent curriculum project is a contract with the Houston Mayor's office, Houston Public Library, and the Astrodome Memories Project. As the curriculum writer for the project, I designed and formulated a series of 5 curriculum learning units aimed at preserving the unique history of the Houston Astrodome. The units are TEKS and Common Core aligned. The learning units can be accessed here:

Our University Private Home-School
Spring, TX
In service for over 18 years, Our University Private Home-School is a small Professional Learning Community that provides quality academic and personal development support services for families and learners enrolled in home-school or other alternative learning environments and public/private school students studying courses from Kindergarten through 12th grades.

I essentially believe the role of US education leadership currently resides in a global social society and economy rather than a nationalistic perspective and therefore requires an approach lost in the United States' goals of standardized education and high stakes testing. That approach is strong philosophical ideals of self-development and learning, best practices in diverse and alternative curriculum development, design, and learning initiatives, and creative innovation in pedagogic strategies and technology integration.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

As part of the mission and core values of our private home-school, Our University Private Home-School strives to produce constant, active, self-guided learners who appreciate the atmosphere of a professional learning community and collaborative opportunities in an alternative learning environment. Self-development and a strong independence and responsibility to learn are the primary goals and values of our student centered learning strategies. Courses and curricula are individualized and offered according to student autonomy and interest, 21st Century skills, level of learning mastery, and future career aspirations. Grade levels are not specified, progress is kept at a steady pace, most projects and lessons are thematic, and assessment is formative. The autonomy to constantly learn is invigorated through effective technology integration, a strong emphasis on critical thinking skills and quality questioning, real world problem solving, project based learning, creativity, and encouraged goals of entrepreneurship. Etiquette, leadership, community service, transparency, objectivity, life skills, proper grammar, active listening skills and communication, self-respect, self-discipline, self-reflection, self-assessment, and atonement are added bonuses to a quality education not marred by Title I federal funding or outdated NCLB policies. Our University Private Home-School functions year around, and social skills are clearly balanced in an atmosphere of inclusion that lacks elements of bullying, stereotypes, trends, traditions, standardization, conformity, and negative peer pressures.

Education Consulting Objectives:

Collaborate with parents and academic stakeholders to design, develop, and improve organizational learning strategies and eliminate confusion of alternative/academic program goals.

Formulate Professional Development Workshops for Home-Schools and Compulsory School Teachers and Administrators. The PD’s consist of workshops and guides that can enhance:

Compulsory Participant Guides:
1. *Self-Productivity
2. Keys to Reflection and Techniques of the Practice
3. Self-Enhancement Strategies that include: Objectivity (limiting subjective practices by self and others), Sensitivity, Transparency, Self-Reflection and Assessment, Social and Emotional Learning*, Promoting and Modeling a Positive Hidden Curriculum, Promoting and Engaging in Civility, *You and Your Organizational Development

Home-School Participant Guides:
1. Changing the Compulsory Perspective
2. Creating Independent/ Active/ Constant Learners by Increasing Enjoyment in Learning
4. Self-Productivity
5. Creating a Learning Community
6. Supporting Your Children in Your Learning Community
7. Keys to Reflection and Techniques of the Practice
8. Self-Enhancement Strategies that include: Objectivity (limiting subjective practices by self and others), Sensitivity, Transparency, Self-Reflection and Assessment, Social and Emotional Learning, Promoting and Modeling a Positive Hidden Curriculum, Promoting and Engaging in Civility.

Curriculum Writing
Develop specialized curricula and educational support materials to sustain unique academic program objectives, independent learning, and self-development initiatives.

Sunshine and Honey Dresses
I have also been an accomplished seamstress/dressmaker for 24 years. Although considered a "hobby business," I have experienced many personal and business successes constructing custom, handmade, original dresses/garments and accessories using my over 23 years of sewing and dressmaking experience. I also expose learners to the STEM opportunities sewing and constructing garments has to offer.

I am an avid fitness junkie and trainer. My oldest son and I became certified group fitness instructors together and ran a neighborhood home gym and fitness camp before relocating to Texas. We offer(ed) quality fitness/wellness training and minor nutrition coaching. Our fitness camp offers group fitness sessions that encompass metabolic, suspension, resistance, and plyometric exercise training. Our goal is to get you fit and healthy --- values that can add years to a lifetime.

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