Swetha Peddaboina

Vice President

About Me

My name is Swetha Peddaboina. I am currently working @ Bank of America.

My accomplishments and achievements include:
a. I was awarded as National Chess Champion - In the year 2005.
b. Managed Microsoft User groups as a State Assistant Manager for 2 years (2004- 2006).
c. Best Employee Star of the Month at Wells Fargo for bringing the project up to speed with new solutions in place and new enhancements made and delivered a successful and Quality product.

My current goals are to progress in my current career by leading multiple groups and handling different changing aspects of the Organization with reputational leadership. Also, I am looking forward to become CFA certified and an entrepreneur helping fresh graduates meet their career goals especially focusing towards strategic/business analysis and management in industries across the globe. I would like to start my own charity/services serving the kids with poor backgrounds and helping them reach the heights.

I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as the UNICEF Children – Group (Mainly supporting Orphanage Kids worldwide), Habitat for Humanity (for the Nepal Relief Funds) and volunteering with the Discovery Science Center events.

I am involved with PMI (Project Management Institute), TED Talks, Toast Masters International, HBS (Harvard Business Groups – Charlotte) and IVY league Groups.

Favorite Line: "Time is Precious and Patience is the Weapon"

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