Susan Wright

The Alexandria Singers | (Volunteer) Treasurer, Web Content Manager and Graphic Artist

About Me

My name is Susan Wright. My professional title is Administrative/Graphic Designer at Science and Technology Associates, which specializes in graphic design. My skills and areas of expertise include organizing and visual enhancement. I received my Bachelors in History and Graphic Design from Excelsior College and Herzing University. I am drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as National Parks. My hobbies and interests include graphic designer for The Alexandria Singers.
My goal is to obtain satisfying creative experiences while solving problems graphically for my clients. While I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Arts in 2013, I have worked with logos and other graphics for over 10 years. I have also done light web design on several projects and for 2 years, was the webmaster for, the online component of the National Retail Federation. Currently, I am the graphic artist for a government contractor, and the graphic artist/ webmaster for my volunteer pops chorus. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite 5, familiar with both Windows and Mac platforms, and can code HTML 5 and CSS by hand.

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