Susan Nelson

About Me

My name is Susan K Nelson.

My skills and areas of expertise include telecommunication voice services and telephone related products. I was a single mother of three when I retired after 30 years of service from the "Old Bell System" a.k.a. The Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company, later known as Bell Atlantic, and now known as Verizon. I worked in the Federal Systems Government Marketing department and provided telephone services for all military branches within the Washington, D.C. National Capital Region. I was asked to work for Lockheed Martin and was the Senior Project Manager for non-secure voice services for the U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon, the entire Washington, D.C. National Capital Region and Bolling Air Force Base. I always received exceptional evaluations which is extremely rare to achieve. Exceptional is a step higher than outstanding.

After retiring for the second time, I created my own business and am the Sole Member of Third Wind Enterprise LLC that specializes in internet marketing and eCommerce sales. I figured my first business adventure was with the telephone company. After I got my "second wind" with Lockheed Martin, I wanted to continue in the business world and became my own boss... I call this my "third wind." I'm a Star Trek fan and had to get the name of the USS Enterprise in my company's name somehow.

I am a published author. My book is entitled "Dear Mom and Dad" and is available online through, the publishing company. It's a light-hearted book about family life and how the best made plans always seem to go askew. It's great reading for 7-15 year old children.

I do community work by joining other ladies in my neighborhood by preparing meals for families who need a helping hand. I crochet lap blankets and shawls for the elderly who live in nursing homes and I volunteered with the Red Cross for the television show Extreme Makeover that built a new home in Loris, SC. I helped serve refreshments and snacks to the other volunteers who actually built the house. You never ever want to see me with a hammer in my hands.

My hobbies and interests include traveling, boating, going to the beach, needlework, reading and adoring my eight grandchildren.

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