Sue Czeropski

Director Learning / Employee Development Valin Corporation

About Me

Sue Czeropski, PhD, CPT has 30+ years of experience in the training, development and HPT arena. She is the 2014 President of the ISPI Bay Area Chapter in Northern California and former President of the Capella University Chapter. Sue has presented at the ISPI annual conference and the CCCAOE (California Community College Association for Occupational Education) Conference and has published articles in the HPT field- in ISPI PIJ, Quality Progress, Training & Develop and Training. Sue possess expertise in entire learning cycle from conducting needs assessment to measuring ROI and is an innovative change agent bringing creative ideas and solutions to address business needs. She excels at building collaborative relationships where partnerships form to establish cost effective performance solutions and has a strong record of accomplishments in envisioning change and driving initiatives producing business results at all levels and functions within an organization. Her PhD in Education has a specialization in the Training and Performance from Capella University.Specialties: Human Performance Technology, HPT, Needs Assessments
ISD Web-based and ILT, CLMS & LMS Management, Performance Solutions & Interventions
Evaluation; ROI; Change Managment; Project Management; Employee Relations; Recruiting and Staffing. Worked in Telecommunications; Semiconductors, Medical Device Industry, Software and Distribution industries.
She volulteers her time to TLCHHF on weekends to teach parents who have children with life threatening illnesses to give and recieve theraputic massage.

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