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About Me

As a skilled marketing professional with proven experience in building professional relationships, developing work flow structures within the team, and provide effective program/account management and ideas; I believe my talents will enable me to excel in a business development/account management position with your team.

With more than six years of combined experience promoting exceptional client services and project management at fast-paced marketing operation, I have developed the types of skills that are particularly effective at satisfying clients; provide effective results, and display motivation and positive attitude in a team environment.

I bring the background and experience needed to take your team to new levels of success. I have an extensive background working with both Walmart/Sam’s Club and suppliers. I am well-versed on the culture, expectations, and functionality that is expected of Walmart associates and their suppliers. I have extensive experience in both merchandising and demos within Walmart and Sam’s Club. In my most recent role, I assisted in the creation, planning, and launch of the Sam’s Club Taste and Tips program, which is the current demo program executed in all Sam’s Club locations.

I come highly recommended from my superiors, co-workers, and from associates in Walmart Marketing. (Recommendations available upon request). I have proven to be a true team player and to go above and beyond the call of duty to help out my team and do what is needed to make the job successful. I am also a quick learner. In a training process that typically takes two to three weeks in my previous role, I was managing my first supplier client by the end of my first week..

Some of my key qualifications include:

• A valuable blend of client service leadership, resourcefulness, and project management skills that combines efficiency and accuracy with imagination to produce highly effective bottom-line results
• Adept in creating long-term focus and devising innovative methods for strategically implementing those ideas
• Solid background and training in areas where management, organization, software applications, leadership, motivation and out of the box thinking are required.
• Outstanding ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results through the use practical skills that are easily transported in this industry.
• I have strong communication skills. I often have presented to multiple divisions for both Walmart/Sam’s Club and their suppliers in the past. I am a motivated self-starter who does not require supervision. I am very detail-oriented and exceptional on my follow-up skills and keeping clients/suppliers on track with any deadline, helping alleviate situations in which they could potentially exceed their budgets

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