Stephanie Kuhn

About Me

I am responsible for all accounting and audit services that the Firm provides to our clients. I plan, supervise and review all compilations, reviews, audits and agreed-upon procedures performed by Borcheck & Gase. I also perform the Firm's annual in-house inspections and I worked with the Firm's peer review team during the six years that I have been with the Firm. The Firm had its peer review this year and we received an unmodified opinion for the second peer review in a row. This has placed our Firm in the top 10 Firms in the State of Florida.

I have a staff of four audit staff and an audit supervisor that directly report to me and three staff accountants that perform compilations that I review. The audit department may have anywhere from 3 to 20 engagements being worked on at any one time that I am responsible for.

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