Stephanie Garcia

CFO, H2O Active LLC

About Me

The Vision of “H2O Active"

Living as close to the ocean,.. the “Salty Wetness” was not far and the importance became clear, that the “H2O Active” lifestyle is one of the healthiest way to live.

Here at “H20 Active”, we all share the same vision and that is to share the “H2O Active” lifestyle with as many people as possible, in hopes of introducing a new or healthier way of life, as well as, a form of therapy.

The health benefits of living an H2O Active lifestyle are endless, it benefits the mind, body and soul, a form of exercise that is not only vigorous, it creates balance, bringing the individual closer to nature, it creates clarity by releasing endorphins in the brain, stimulating it’s core,.. all of this creates a positive effect on one’s over all condition,..

So what are you waiting for? Get wet! Get “H2O Active!”

Some of “H2O Active’s” Surf Therapy Events are aimed at sharing the “H2O Active” lifestyle and health benefits with certain individuals;

Our Veterans,
Troubled Teens,
Second Chance Adults
Mental Illness,
Disabled Individuals,
Suicide Prevention Awareness

Aloha from H2O Active!

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