Stella White

owner of multiple businesses

About Me

A BSN trained registered nurse with 24 years experience in healthcare.
Skilled in providing care to cardiac patients.
My extensive experience and position in acute and home care has exposed me to all areas not limited to the following; Psychiatric, Neurological, Oncology patients.
I am also a patient focused Registered Nurse with 18 years' experience in geriatric care (Home Care) and Private care.

I am the owner of MAJESTIC STITCHES HOUSE OF FASHION. This is a fashion institute that produce custom made wears. We customize your clothes by letting you design or we assist you to design your clothes and tailor it to your need. It feels good to wear your own designs. Special occasion,dresses are our specialty.(Weddings, birthdays and proms.

The owner of TASTER'S CHOICE SPICIES. This is an afro-infusion spices, made from authentic organic herbs. This spice is used by all nationalities to enhance, put a special touch in your meals. We have spices for meat, chicken, fish, gravy and your stews. You are the taster and your choice matters a lot.

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