Star Jones

Professional Diversity Network (NASDAQ: IPDN) | President

About Me

I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Diversity Network, as well as the president of this publicly traded company (NASDAQ: IPDN). As such, I count myself among a small circle of African-American women in the US who are helping to lead public enterprise. I am also the president and spokesperson of the International Association of Women (IAW).
As President, I lead a nationwide team that is dedicated to supporting and advocating for Professional Diversity Network's (PDN) over 10-million member network of diverse job seekers, while we provide expanded career, continuing education and networking opportunities for the diverse professional women members of the International Association of Women (IAW).
I am responsible for the overall development, expansion, integration and implementation of the PDN and IAW development and programming strategy. By utilizing the collective strength of the PDN affiliate companies, members, partners, the IAW network, technology and unique proprietary platform, the PDN team and I set the standard in business diversity recruiting, networking and professional development for women, minorities, veterans, LGBT and disabled persons nationally. In addition, I serve as PDN’s "brand ambassador,” conveying the organization’s message, brand and image worldwide.
A former Senior District Attorney for the City of New York, I began my professional career specializing in victim and family advocacy as a Homicide and Major Crimes prosecutor. Expanding my reach, I worked in television for over 25 years, where I was best known to television viewers for my candor, confidence and uncanny ability to clarify muddy legal and social issues. Offering a fresh perspective to the day’s most talked about crime and justice, political and sociological issues from the world of news, entertainment, politics and pop culture, I was a Legal Correspondent, Commentator and Analyst for over two decades. From 1997-2006, I was a co-host of ABC’s hit daytime show The View. For my work in television, I have received nine Emmy nominations. Together with my View colleagues, I was a 2017 Inductee into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame.
Also an accomplished author, I have written two best-selling, non-fiction books: You Have to Stand for Something, or You'll Fall for Anything (Bantam) and Shine: A Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Journey to Finding Love (Harper Collins). My third bestseller, Satan’s Sisters, (a fictional account of the behind-the-scenes workings of a daytime talk show) was developed into "Daytime Divas," a VH1 network television series, for which I serve as Executive Producer.
I have been featured in virtually every major newspaper and magazine in the country on topics ranging from business and news to health and lifestyle.
I am also heavily involved in numerous philanthropic efforts. I am a heart disease survivor who, since 2011, has been the face of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) National Go Red for Women effort, serving as the organizations’ National Volunteer and lending my name, voice, time and international media platform to combat cardiovascular disease to champion heart health in America.
A frequent motivational speaker, I lecture on a variety of topics including law, politics, race, gender equality, women’s empowerment, pop culture, networking, and heart health. I continue to make various media appearances as an expert on diversity and inclusion, women's health, women's empowerment and as a legal and media veteran analyst.

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