Stacia Kelly

About Me

Stacia holds a PhD in Holistic Health, which covers the areas of fitness, nutrition, supplementation and stress management. She now spends her time helping people live better and love their lives. She is a Holistic Health Coach and an Independent Associate with USANA Health Sciences.

After years of testing vitamins and supplements on herself, she was glad to finally find a product line that she could truly recommend to her clients. She specializes in helping others take responsibility for their health and wellness, educating on ways to tackle what were once thought to be impossible tasks liking learning to manage diabetes, reversing the weight gain process, and getting control of seasonal allergies.

She hosts monthly weight loss & nutrition clinics, online and in person. She has built an online nutritional education portal that allows people to take a 6-week health and weight loss program online and at their own pace. Webinars, one on one via Skype...there are no boundaries.

Currently, she owns three USANA supplement stores and has built a national team each with their own stores. Her goal is to keep expanding and helping others feel healthier so they can accomplish anything in life they're dreaming to.

Author of:
- Reduce You - a holistic approach to weight loss and nutrition
- Muse - helping writer's to get over their fear
- focus. - a workbook for martial arts students
- 9 Months In ~ 9 Months Out - co-author - a holistic approach to pregnancy for mom's to be

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