Stacey Golden-Lisnock

Founder, Got It Together Now

About Me

I was always a planner at heart. In the late 80’s I entered the financial services industry. I became a licensed insurance agent, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Registered Representative. It’s been very rewarding and I’ve been able to help many clients over the years in the business.
In 2018, I was literally laid up for a good part of the year due to shingles virus. After a very long (and painful) recovery back to normalcy, I decided I’d like to help people to be prepared for life events like sudden illness or accident and even being better prepared upon death.
Even though I would like to think I had all my ducks in a row, I quickly realized that I was not really prepared to be sick and out of commission when it came to my personal, business, and daily responsibilities. I began to search for ways to get my affairs in order and decided to help other do the same.
To me it is important to make life as easy for others as possible. In that regard, I found a source that will make it simple to find all my important information in one place and up to date.
My goal is to help others by finding ways to inspire them to get their affairs in order - so that it is not left for someone else to handle at the end of their human experience.
Now, I am a Financial Advocate and I'm hosting a weekly podcast, Legacy Therapy where guests share their personal (good and bad) experiences surrounding preparation and planning in times of great turmoil. I have a variety of professionals who share techniques that can be used to create a stress-free legacy. My online course, Got It Together - Emergency Info File is your (on demand) counselor/teacher/guide/friend throughout the process of getting it all together.
I am seeking collaborators, connectors, business owners, employers….anyone who feels my quest is a noble one and wants to help contribute to the cause. Together we can reach many people who are just waiting for the chance to get their ducks in a row.
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