Stacey Abrahams

Entrepreneur/Skincare Enthusiast/Freelance Writer/Editor

About Me

I’m a marketing writer/editor turned entrepreneur in late 2016. My passion is to help others achieve financial freedom through TWO life-changing vehicles. Most recently, I’ve joined an incredible team of mostly women entrepreneurs in Tradera, a team building referral program/educational platform that is growing faster than anything I’ve done before (not a MLM) and perfect to work alongside my skincare business. It offers two way to earn and is allowing me to help more women build passive residual income right now when we all need it most. If you’re someone whose product driven business is experiencing a decline in product sales due to COVID-19, we should chat about how to start your own business with Tradera for under $100 - an investment of a lifetime. Feel free to check out my website link for more info, but make sure to reach out first before joining.

I am also proud to partner with the brilliant Stanford trained doctors - Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields - the original creators of ProActiv Solution. I share Rodan + Fields' life-changing skincare products to help others feel confident in their own skin and to help them achieve financial freedom. If you're looking for the best skin of your life, I'd love to speak to you about our products, which are clinically proven to work and officially the #1 skincare brand in North America because they work. A brand new category of product is soon to launch this July 2020 so get ready. Please reach out for a consult:
(But email me first if you’d like to order for best pricing).

If you’re looking to navigate your own road to success with an incredible company that will be here for years to come, I'm always looking for more passionate women to join my tribe of driven women. Our team which is part of the largest grossing team in RF offers the best training to get your business off to a strong start. You’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself. You’ll get to grow alongside our powerhouse team with the best training! And we are continuing our global expansion. June 1, 2020, we officially launch Japan so if you know someone there, there is no better time than now to start. Being first in a new global market is a one time opportunity. And along with new product launches, global expansion is the best time to join a business!

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