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It is a pleasure to welcome you to work with SoRealty.  After more than 13 years, we realized that our knowledge & integrity would provide a professional, caring and real environment for our clients.  SoRealty has been organized to promote the highest standards of real estate.  Our name has set the very foundation by which this goal can be reached and we invite you to become actively involved.

SoRealty is an innovative, cutting edge real estate company which gives clients the information they need to make smart decisions in this fast-moving market. We offer patient guidance and attention to detail that is valued as much by first-time buyers and sellers as it is by seasoned pros.

Our role as a real estate company is three-fold; we are consultants, negotiators, and we overee all the transactional details.  We are able to guide you through the process, empower you, encourage you and move you from a dream to a reality all at one location.

We offer a boutique level of service while specializing in buying and selling homes throughout the Bay Area!  If you are looking to buy, sell in the Bay Area, or if you are seeking  to relocale to another area, we are happy to assit you!  Real estate is one of the largest and most exciting investments one can make.  We are here to make sure that your process is a fun and rewarding one.  Our website is aimed toward our local areas of Oakland, San Francisco, and surrounding communities such as San Ramon, El Sobrante, Richmond and Walnut Creek.  We are ALWAYS CUSTOMER FOCUSED and we would be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs!

We are dedicated to providing the finest service available for which the Better Business Bureau recognizes.  Please bookmark ourwebsite for your future use.


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