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I never planned to be an entrepreneur or author.
I was working as Learning & Development Expert in Hutchinson Global Services -UK and Training was my thing. I was accustomed to a paycheck lifestyle and I enjoyed it.
Then it all changed.

In 2009, I read John C Maxwell’s – “Be All You Can Be” - Stretching and expanding potential.
It was a paradigm shift for me. Soon after I quit my job and decided to follow my heart. I started working as a corporate trainer. I had a clear vision of impacting lives of individuals and bring in a positive change in every life I touch.

I was doing great as a corporate trainer and I decided to be a certified life coach. I had a network build and after being certified my goal was to set up coaching business. My journey of certification had just begun when I got to know that I am moving to States with my husband. My move was from a well-built network which I was about to cash to a world in which I knew no one except my partner.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have.” I am passionate, enthusiastic, positive, love and energy in my heart and soul. I am very intuitive and am always filled with ideas.

I like to imagine myself as the GPS of clients’ dreams/goals/desires. When I meet my clients and I discover their destination, all the routes that they can take to reach there - just light up in my head. I connect dots immediately and I am driven by solutions. I can never leave a challenge unsolved. My energy powers from ideas, solutions and positivity. All of this helped me build a successful coaching practice in a new country.

Persistence always pays off.

Today, I am Founder of Mind Spirit Works – Publishing House, Best Selling Author – 20 Beautiful Women, Mentor Coach, Coach Life Instructor, Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

My Clients say that I am – “Positive Source of All Possibilities”

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AKA- Snehal Shinde, Snegal Singh, Shenal Singh, Anjali Singh

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