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My name is Sherri Elam Faulkner, I've been in Finance since 1990, and first started with GMAC and after 6 months they created a job so they could promote me. I was the only person in the History of that company whom they hired who did not have a college education. My ability to learn quickly was my greatest asset. After 5 years, I realized I had so much more to offer and began a Career in Real Estate. Being a single parent I quickly realized I needed to be at home to take care of my child during afterhours and being a full time Realtor took away time from being with my son. Although I kept my Real Estate license active for 8 years, I started in the mortgage business in 1997 and within 6 months I had over a $1,000,000.00 in my pipeline. That's when I really knew finance was a good choice for me. After 6 months with the mortgage company I was with, I had an opportunity to start a mortgage company for the Real Estate Firm I had my license with and it was a great success for me. I felt such a sense of accomplishment being promoted to start and run a Mortgage Company from the ground up, that in 2002 I started my own Mortgage Company where I had built up a team of professionals and in 2004 I started learning everything about credit from learning the Credit Scoring Software inside and out to the Law side in the Fair Debt Collection Laws and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and began helping clients become eligible for home loans that had been turned down from local banks due to credit issues. From there the word of mouth spread like a wild fire. My success lead me to speaking at Women's seminars, Single Parents seminars and Credit Health Education seminars for men and women, attorney’s and other Businesses. I closed my mortgage shop in 2009 so I could focus more on Credit Health Education. I had so many mortgage loan referrals and past clients whom said they didn't trust anyone else to do their financing, so I joined up with Open Mortgage LLC, where I am currently a Branch Manager in Rogers, Arkansas. I have learned that being a successful woman is definitely something to be proud of and we need more Women leading the industry in a field of their desire. I joined the National Association of Professional Women because not only is it a benefit to learn more and network with other Professional Business Owners and Professional Women in general, but to reach out to those who are struggling who can take my life story and my success as a single parent with no college education and become successful. I have a positive force that brings excitement and encouragement to others.

We live in an increasingly complex society and Today, more than ever you need a team of experts that outperform the competition. I have over 23 years of financial experience, 8 years as a Realtor and 9 years successfully dealing with credit issues, raising Credit Scores and Elimination of Undesirable Negative information on credit reporting histories.

I Specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans, and Unsecured Business Lines of Credit. I’m completely dedicated to Excellence and Incomparable Service and a Lifetime of Satisfaction. I have a highly selective group of key decision makers which speeds up the loan process. There’s no comparison for our unmatched performance and remarkable results. I Guarantee to Beat or Match any interest rate. My skills and areas of expertise include Mortgage loans, including homes which have lost more value than what is presently owed against the mortgage. For the Business Owner, we offer Unsecured Business Lines of Credit, and Helping New Businesses get set up and established. I have dedicated myself to specialize in customizing loans to fit the borrower’s necessities and requirements to fit their own lifestyle and desires that are essential in their livelihood.

My devotion as an Expert Credit Consultant is to educate clients to achieve the highest level of Credit Health Education. Having great Credit Scores will help you obtain the lowest interest rate in every aspect of life, which can save you thousands of dollars over the life of any loan, whether it is auto, mortgage, installment loans or business loans.

I am currently involved with several networking groups, social media and chambers. My hobbies and interests include piano, playing tennis, painting and interior designs, being involved in my community and supporting walk for the cure, ALS, Diabeties, Cancer and MS Society, and most of all, enjoying my children and grandchildren.

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