Sharon Szymanski

About Me

My name is Sharon H. Szymanski, B.A. My skills and areas of expertise include teaching, leadership, marketing, administration and planning. My professional title is Owner and Executive Director at Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts, which specializes in private musical instructions for all ages. I received my bachelor's in English from Miami University (OH), a second bachelor's in Music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and did graduate work in Music Performance and Pedagogy at Meredith College (NC).

I have been on local and state boards of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and the National Association of Teachers of Singers (NATS). As a supporter of independent music teachers everywhere, I have done local, regional and national presentations for professional organizations.

I started my current business (music school) out of my home with only myself teaching music lessons, but it grew organically into a true commercial enterprise. Currently, the school has nearly 400 students, 26 instructors and 3 employees.

My hobbies and interests include performing, acting, reading, painting and making music.

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