Sharon Schardin Papendick

About Me

My desire to work with business administration stemmed from my love of keyboarding, English (spelling and grammar), communication (Debate and Declam), love to work with the written word and education through information in the food, nutrition, supplement, physical fitness, higher education and love of books that both entertain but more importantly educate us to live richer lives.

Born 3/22/1951 in De Smet, SD into a large extended family (2 brothers, 2 sisters, 40+aunts and uncles, over 80 cousins, not counting their spouses and children) scattered throughout MN (some in West Virginia, Denver, Missouri, Oregon, Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, North Dakota and Spain). One of the two family farms in Minnesota is still operational in my father’s family Schardin name after 110+ years.
Being inspired in Little Town on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder and the history of their pioneer journey, having agricultural background in my family and my husband’s family (the Papendick farm is still operational in South Dakota) and growing up fairly free in a small town environment, I saw those relatives face various medical and physical ailments and having lived with a mother of Danish descent, making foods from scratch and using produce from our own garden, I can see my interest in the written word, health/nutrition/supplementation and fitness as our families were sports-oriented.

Having my maternal grandmother with 9 daughters and 2 sons widowed at the age of 46 while maintaining their family farm near Tyler, MN, my mother with 3 daughters and 2 sons being widowed in a rural town, De Smet, SD at age 46 having used her office skills to provide secondary income, and having experienced separation from my husband and becoming a widow also at age 46 with two daughters, just turning 17 and 19 years old, has encouraged me to find family security to help Middle Americans through the traumas of life including the hardships of weather which I experienced in a rural state with a father who went out to rescue people in homes that lost electricity due to inclement weather!!
While my professional pursuit was a 2 year commercial business school at Nettleton Commercial College, Sioux Falls, SD, that education and the work experience that followed supported me through 42 years of life changes and moving between three states (South Dakota, Indiana, Minnesota).

However, my education allowed me to follow my husband’s higher education and work pursuits while raising our daughters in the home until they entered kindergarten and first grade. My volunteer activities, continued software education and reading or classes on personality and people skills continued. I am licensed in life and health in the States of Minnesota and South Dakota.

I have worked with and love the higher education environment and have seen that my business school education has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of being able to financially back up the educational and professional pursuits of my husband and our children while experiencing the advantages of moving and meeting new people in new environments. My education and work experience then has allowed me to continue financially for the past 17 years, albeit it working two jobs at 60 hours a week for close to 10 years, one position full-time and the other part-time.

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