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About Me

I'm Shari Coles, an Atlanta resident for over 20 years now! Whoa, time flies! My professional experience is diverse in nature, but predominantly includes banking and finance. As a financial broker and coach, I'm now working to educate my community on how money REALLY WORKS, and teaching people how to create a legacy for their families by helping them save money, get out of debt, and protect their wealth.

I have always loved traveling... The beach is my reset button! I am also fond of reading and learning, which lead to teaching and researching. Nutrition is also among my hobbies.

As I expand my business, I'm also looking to put as many people in position to create additional income, and those that would like to become a business owner. I'm interested in building lasting relationships in the areas of real estate, tax preparers, accountants, estate planning attorneys, financial brokers, and mortgage lenders/brokers. I look to grow in other areas, too, such as public speaking, book publishing, and coaching.

I am always developing new business ventures and re-branding myself in communications, inventions, real estate, coaching and writing.

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