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About Me

Hello. My name is Shannon Schumacher and I live life fearlessly.

I am inspired by my dad, who works tirelessly everyday to keep his businesses running because he loves what he does and needs to provide for my mom and brother. He actually runs two businesses, one with my brother where they design, build and install custom cabinetry and one he now runs on his own where he sells and installs water softeners and drinking systems. Both of my grandfathers were in the businesses before they passed so you could say the businesses have stayed in the family which inspires me even more. As of today, my dad has only take one day off in the past two months because that's what it takes to pay the bills and yet he is the happiest, most loving, hilarious and fearless man I know. He doesn't care what will happen tomorrow because he knows he will figure it out and make it great.

I have been at in Online Sales & Marketing since February of 2007 and became Director in late 2009. My claim to fame is that I was the first formal member of the Online Sales & Marketing team (then called Website Marketing). I love what I do because I am as passionate as is about empowering people, especially women worldwide, to easily start, grow and run their own businesses.

Prior to GoDaddy, I spent 2.5 years at Intel first as a Product Marketing Manager and then as an Internet Marketing Program Manager where I fell love with online marketing. That's where I began to seek out a role at which took me about a year before I found the perfect position, but I made it happen.

I began my career at Microchip Technology as a Cooperative Office Education intern my senior year of high school. I took enough Advanced Placement credits during my high school career to afford me the honor of receiving early college credits and only requiring me to take a couple classes a day my senior year so I could work part-time in corporate America the rest of the day. At this point, I was a Chemical Engineering major so working at an engineering-focused company was right up my alley. I spent 10 years at Microchip and worked my way up from Investor Relations Intern to Marketing Communications Manager in charge of global advertising and brand. I also realized my love of graphic design and marketing after being inspired by my mentor, Lili Prince, and changed my degree to Marketing. My future career in online marketing did a sneak peak during this time when I made a recommendation to the merchandising board to let me invest budget in keyword search marketing on Yahoo! which was the hot new thing at the time (wow, I just dated myself).

I am currently involved with and GoDaddy Women in Technology (GDWIT) and I look for any opportunity available to mentor colleagues. I am also drawn to and passionate about charitable organizations such as the Arizona Humane Society and Free Arts AZ that benefit animals and at-risk children. In my free time, I love to listen to music and go to concerts and am a member of the Phoenix Blues Society. I also love to travel, especially to Kauai which is my second home, but I also enjoy locations that have a focus on music and food like Memphis, New Orleans, Seattle and Napa Valley.

I received two associate degrees from Mesa Community College where I studied under amazing professors who were very successful in the local business scene and spent time working on my bachelors at Arizona State University. My skills and areas of expertise include online marketing and sales, small business marketing, mobile marketing, website conversion and website optimization.

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