Shandel A Amezquita

Certified Personal Trainer

About Me

I started my home-based business in 2013. Earlier on (when I weighed over 200 pounds), I was not at all happy about my how I looked or felt. I had tried everything, but nothing worked... until I saw an infomercial late one night, about a home fitness program. It was actually my mom who got it for me, and I am so grateful for that. Through the Beachbody program I was able to lose 80 pounds! I was so delighted with the results that I eventually decided to become a coach with the company, so I could help others do the same as I did.

I am glad to be able to have a chance to finally improve my own life as well as the lives of my family members. My goal is to turn this venture into a full-time career, which would include presentations on how you can achieve your health and fitness goals. My second goal is to become a motivational speaker, I'd like to help others with goal-setting and changing their mindset while helping them to achieve their goals: to live happier and healthier lives

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