Shamika Wilson

About Me

Shamika is a proud USAF Veteran and takes the knowledge and discipline from the USAF towards her success.

Shamika Wilson is an Operations Supervisor at Verizon it. Within this role, she was a part of several internal projects. Shamika also was a part of strategic support in opening a new center for Verizon.

During her time at Verizon, Shamika gained her BAS in Computer Science and her MAS in Information Technology with an emphasis in Network Security at Kaplan University. Shamika also took classes at Villanova in Project Management IS / IT, as well as IS Security.

Shamika takes pride in root causes and finding resolutions to needed areas of improvements that impacts the business. Shamika also enjoys the nature and processes of project management, what it stands for and the ethics behind it.

Shamika is currently working on her CAPM as well as studying for her LSAT exam.

Being successful allows you to always have something to look forward to and to achieve. Creating plans, goals, networking and having a good support system adds to being successful. Although success is not easy, it is well worth the journey.

Her interests are: Entrepreneurship, Law( Family Law and Entertainment Law), Non Profit Organizations geared toward helping the youth and our Veterans

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