Sarabjeet Kaur

Balance your mind, body and soul with Divine healing energy.

About Me

My name is Sarabjeet Kaur. My professional title is Reiki master at Divine healing energy. I am a Lightworker, and it means that I am vested with the Divine Powers that have been bestowed upon me through my passion, dedication towards learning different energy sciences. I am trained in Reiki Healing, crystal healing, Angelic Healing, Angel / Tarot Card Reading, Magnified Healing, Space Aura Cleaning,Colour Therapy and Meditations.
What I've enjoyed as a Reiki Practitioner is the spiritual connection to all that is good for our well-being, the clarity of my life journey, the peace from the clarity and the love that is shared with me then to my clients from the universe. Reiki is love. I am extremely passionate about this life work and I love hearing from my clients how their lives have been impacted. I also work as ACCOUNT / TAX CONSULTANT at CITITAX ASSOCIATES which specializes in ACCOUNTING / TAXES.

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