Sara Terry

About Me

Sara Terry is CEO of EAC2 Consulting, LLC, which has provided technology services since 2011. Sara has 25 years experience enabling businesses to find the best technology fit allowing them to grow their business and meet government mandates. EAC2 focuses on making technology customer friendly. We strive to make technology fit your business, instead of making your business fit the technology.

EAC2 has successfully helped a variety of clients automate their business processes and assisted them in understanding their current and future customers. We've brought them closer to achieving their strategic business goals, simplified their start up processes and taken then pain out of deploying new software. Our goal is taking the pain out of technology, allowing organizations to spend their time on their mission, not the technology.

We are the right partner to make this a friendly experience, whether we are assisting in setting up a CRM database, developing a web platform or setting up a call center.

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