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Mrs. Santosh Kumar Kulshrestha is a counselor, attorney, professor, community leader and businesswoman. For more than two decades, Chicago has benefited from Mrs. Kumar’s dedicated efforts to build community, raise community awareness of serious issues, and contribute her creative artistry to numerous organizations and causes. Mrs. Kumar received her Bachelor of Science in 1969, Bachelor of Law in 1972, and Master in Law from AMU in 1974. At the age of 22, she became an attorney; she has practiced law for 25 years. She earned her computer Desktop Publishing degree in 1992. She gave voice to the voiceless and fought for Indian women in India who were harnessed, neglected, and deprived by their partners, parents or in-laws; even today she is standing for the South Asian community in Chicago. She serves millions of aged, destitute people through her work with Metropolitan Asian Family,, founded in 1993 by Mrs. Kumar with a mission to provide comprehensive and integrated services to immigrant populations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lankan and East European communities facing linguistic and cultural barriers. Giving time and funding for MAFS, Mrs. Kumar does all without a tinge of selfish motive and with little regard for fanfare. She has served as Advisor to the Community Care Program of the State of Illinois since 2008. She has served as a Member of Planning Committee of CCPAC of Illinois to make recommendations on the policies of Aging. She was invited to address the White House Council on Aging on cultural issues in the United States.

She was in the committee of Protect the ‘Elder Abuse’ in ethnic communities and act as a Liatian Officer to the Case Management Unit of Illinois.

She served as President of Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE), a national level organization on Aging and participated in governing policies on Aging. She served in ‘Asian Coalition on Health’ as Board of member to make difference in Health Policies for Asian and Pacific Islanders in various Health Programs. She served as a member of ICIRR an Advocacy group for immigrant population in USA.

As a community activist, Mrs. Kumar has supported several charity organizations in India and the US through donations. She has opened Children Public School at Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, India in 1974, she is also supporting Sri Varshnaya College, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India and Barham Agra Girls Inter College, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Mrs. Kumar has tirelessly worked to build coalitions of common interest in communities, and has always helped under-served and under-privileged. She is instrumental in making many major breakthroughs in Indian Judicial system. Due to her strong advocacy Government of India has passed section 125 Criminal Procedure Code (Order for maintenance of wives, children and parents.). Mrs. Kumar gave voice to the voiceless and fought for Indian women in India who were harnessed, neglected and deprived by their partners, and parents or in-laws.

Mrs. Kumar has started Anugrah senior Center in Delhi; she was the United States speakers in 2006

A tireless advocate for both the community’s interests as well as India’s global interests, Mrs. Kumar is a staunch ally to Indians everywhere. Working as a strong proponent of India’s interests, Mrs. Kumar has provided needed support, guidance, and funding to countless worthy causes and organizations and continues to do so.

Mrs. Kumar is married to Pramod Kumar, Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Kharagpur and Master of Engineer from IIT Chicago. He is a businessman and a US Resident since 1970. She is blessed with with two sons: Prashant Kumar (age 26) a Computer Engineer and Sagar Kumar (age 25) an Industrial Engineer from Purdue University who works for Honeywell Aero Space in Arizona.

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