Sandra Gillis

Prince George's County Public Schools/Gillis Tutoring | Educator (Elementary School)/Tutor

About Me

I am a self-directed, enthusiastic educator who is passionate about living, learning and teaching. I am an accomplished and licensed educator with Master's Degrees coupled with nearly three decades of experience instructing elementary education students, and implementing successful educational practices and activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students. I am an educator in Prince George's County Public Schools and a professional tutor, consultant, and Board Member for Gillis Educational Consulting, LLC.

I earned a Master of Science in School Administration & Supervision from Trinity University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education from Howard University, Washington, D. C. I also have a MPA degree from Howard University. As an educational leader and collaborative advocator, I work with school leaders and community stakeholders to encourage parental involvement and community alliances. My membership in National Association of Professional Women has provided me the opportunity to enhance my professional productivity and personal endeavors. My hobbies and interests include playing the piano, reading and spending time with my family. I am drawn to charitable organizations such as Autism Speaks and Women's National Democratic Club Educational Foundation. The organization provide scholarship awards to deserving young women.

I was recently elected to serve as a delegate to the 2014 MSEA Convention in Ocean City, Maryland.

As a Board Member, consultant, and private tutor for Gillis Educational Consulting, LLC, I am truly able to delve into my passion for education. I create and write articles about the company's areas of focus. I engage in program development and conduct interviews with key figures in the educational arena. I develop educational plans for students who are struggling academically and I provide support for parents of low-achieving students. I believe that my role in life is to teach young children that success can be learned and earned!

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